Suggestion: Witchdoctor

I don’t know if anyone feels the same way I do, but I’m trying to complete the pokedex as I go along and I find it incovenient to have to go down to the Black Market everytime a pokemon has some kind of trade evolution. I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but I think it would be just a covenience thing to be able to buy/hire and place a witchdoctor on your secret base, making things much easier has it becomes kinda obnoxious having to go to Helios and then go down there so many times when there’s no forceful need for that.

yeah it is kinda obnoxious but being able to buy/hire a witchdoctor in keep in your base doesnt rly make sense. i mean, they’re living in the underground to escape the law, being able to buy one wouldnt make sense. but this is pokemon we’re talking about so idk
tho the games on feature lock meaning anything not already on the devs to-do list wont be added in the game so yeah

I get what you’re saying and this is probably never going to happen, but still just wanted to point it out and maybe some miracle could happen :sweat_smile:

yeah i get that

Once you get Dive/Scuba Gear before the Electric/Steel Gym (iirc number 5), you can dive straight to the Black Market from a pool on the left side of the city.

Yeah the 5th gym