Stuck in a spot

i was in route nine in the lake and ended up getting stuck. please give me the feedback that is required for me to fix this thank you.

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Can you send a screenshot?

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Have you tried loading a backup? You might loose some progress, but you’ll get out of there!

Thank you very much for the help, but it seems like all my backups also have me stuck in the same spot.

There’s nothing you can do then. Sorry. If you can trade, you could trade your mons to another person to trade back when your start a new file, but you’ll have to give up on this one.

its fine, i made a plan to just fish at the pond and when all my pokemon die i will be teleported to the pokemon center.

K. Didn’t think of that. You could use the DexNav and fight trainers there instead.

This wouldnt work ezla, in 1.2.5+ geting Deafeted from dexnav trainers makes u stay in the same place still