Struggling with the Elite Four

I’ve gone through a few runs of the elite four and usually get done over by the baton pass user. These are the current pokemon I’m willing to train up and I’d greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.

I was also wondering whether ev training would be worth investing in. I’ve done a minimal amount (getting rid of a couple in useless stats, adding a few in desired stats, etc)

playing through the game like a normal Pokemon game isn’t a good idea, since a lot of teams are competitively viable. you need to EV train.

Kayla’s baton pass team can be countered with moves like livewire, haze, whirlwind,etc.

Eduard’s team can be countered with another weather team or a pokemon with water & ice type coverage

most of Yuki’s team is weak to fire; just watch out for starmie

lure reuniculus and jellicent out, defeat them, and London’s team gets crippled

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I thinck you have trained your delta scizor,delta snorlex or delta typlosion that arevery vood pokemon to defeat elite4

Do you have any suggestions for cash grinding? I’d much rather use my secret base trainer than hunting down pokemon with the proper values. Or suggestions for a fire type? My team for the runs I have done so far usually runs along the lines of Mew, Delta Gardevoir, Delta Snorlax, Delta Venusaur and the amoured Ttar and Flygon. I have several other pokemon trained up to fifty of mid sixty in that box and also recently caught the spider metang.

Do the races at Sonata City. The AI almost always loses on the Ice Path map and it can give up to 20k a minute if you get good at it.

Much appreciated.