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Still unable to go online


I had posted an topic on this before, whenever i try to connect with the server, it tells me to press C. I do that and it then says that either the server is offline or there’s a problem with my Wi-Fi. My dmfriend has the Exact same version of Insurgence as i have. But he doesn’t have this problem, one od the devs contacted me about this and told me to try 2 things.

1: try running the game as administrator. I did that, but if i do, it won’t access my saves. But it did help me get rid of the font message. So that’s a plus.

2: check if insurgence is on your firewall and if it is, take it off. The problem with this is i don’t know how to do that…

I really wanna go online since 2 mega stone are only obtainable through flag guy.