Starting the game

I have a problem when i select the type of story i want, no matter the choice, it sends me again to the same text screen. I already tried to reinstall it, but it doesn’t work. If somebody could help me i would appreciate it.

it says me to copy the font’s into the control panel folder, which one is it?

If you go into your Game Core folder (Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.7 Core), there should be a folder called Fonts. Go into this folder, select all the files inside, right click, and select Install for All Users. This should both install the fonts for you and get rid of the text at the title screen.

it helped me with the text, thank you, but the first problem persists and i cannot start playing

What happens exactly when you try to pick a choice? Does it show any error message? Are you making sure to click the right prompt?

after this: image
i go to this: image
and then back to the first image