"Starters Prefer Boof Not Nerf"

Hey since i noticed delta charizard getting his awesome semi unique ability being nerfed i thought that even if it could be the strongest pokemon of a OU format it would be better to boost the other 2 starters instead of nerfin this one. 1.- Delta Venusaur just needs to get recover in case of running it without the mega and running it as a special defender but in case of running him as a attacker it should learn trick room since its an awfull speedster and/or agility so the ones that chose her could play her as the mega because all the feelings of having a strong bond with your starter -w- sounds weird but we all have the wish to get our starter to competitive after having him with us in all the adventures even thought due to its type delta venusaur could easily beat the other 2 starters 2.- Delta Blastoise has a very good coverage for the delta charizard moveset but again it has an awfull speed so it could be easily “fixed” with dragon dance / agility and rapid spin in its moveset and some other physical attacks since its actual moveset is basically special 3.- thats all . i espect this becomes a reality

also d char has 2 much weakness and he is weak to the 2 types his ability boosts so i think he should stay as he is

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I mean there’s really no reason to buff pokemon. Regardless of which tier, there will always be better Pokemon and worse pokemon. For example, the reason they nerfed noctem was because it was too overpowered. Consider this like a ban in smogon, but still making it an option to be used. On the other hand, the starters don’t have to be balanced. For example, mega blastoise is pretty bad compared to mega venusaur and mega charizard.