Somehow Got Tesseract Early

Hi guys,

I was wandering around levelling up my team and about to use Seed Flare to clear up some tainted water, when I noticed that I somehow had the Tesseract ability through the Quartz Flute.

I hear you get it in the Dragon Ruins, but this being my first time through the game I wanted to avoid spoilers from articles on the ability. I got almost to the end of the Ruins (I think), but realized that I needed to heal my team and left, then got sidetracked. I might have entered the area where you get Tesseract without triggering whatever event is supposed to give it to you.

Just thought I should ask about it here since it might be game-breaking. Anyone come across something like this before?

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Have you beat Taen in the ruins?

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Thanks, I have now. I just beat him and officially got Tesseract, but somehow I had it before then. I guess I got close enough to Taen without fighting him to somehow get the ability!

Btw you can get a huge amount of money from the Sonata track, i often stack up a bunch of full restore, revive and ether so that i won’t have to go back to the center to heal. Anyways it’s just a tip good luck!

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