Some questions

So i am a kinda new comer to this amazing game. I have played a couple versions back didn’t get far. Since the new version i have some questions so please answer them to the best of your ability Thank You 1.Is there a way to get Delta Munchlax? 2.Can you get Delta Lotad? At first glance i fell in love with its design 3 Is there a way to get Zorua without friend safari? 4.And if not how would I acquire thy friend safari? Sorry for the newbie questions

  1. Yes, as a mystery gift and a hidden grotto encounter

  2. Yes, it’s a trade in Helios city

  3. You can trade for one in Deyraan Town

  4. Buy a secret base in metchi town and go to the back

Thank you so much and also My hero academia <3 sooo good

And are all the pokemon on the delta page acquirable kinda a stupid question but i noticed when looking on that page some of the “newer” deltas dont have descriptions and the “older” ones do so i got confused


You can get every single delta. The wiki just needs to update the locations.