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Solo-run challenge

Which pokemon should i use?

Pokemon Chosen Evolves
  • YESS

0 voters

I’m gonna start on Friday

Pokemon Chosen
  • Delta Froakie
  • Delta Torchic
  • Riolu
  • Pikachu (mudkip)
  • Delta Axew
  • Other (say it in the chat)

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Also, I am forfeiting so, I can catch shinies (but, it still will be a solo-run)

A l p h a r a d

Delta snorlax :stuck_out_tongue:


Eevee will be challenging all the way through, with some significant benefits, an interesting pick. What I want is a run with Beldum. You’re gonna die @ trainer school.

I really want to see/do a Ditto only run. It’s gonna be redonkulous. Delta Ditto will be ridiculously hard, but maybe easier than normal Ditto. Delta Pidgeot and Yanmega could be interesting.

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yeah i was thinking about delta yanmega

i am DEFINITELY gonna lose a beldum solo-run w/o evolving, i will forfeit the challenge so, i can catch shinies and box them

Maybe either Delta Gallade or Delta Volcarona? Armor you get kinda late tho, so if you’re willing to cheat a tiny bit… lol

I am DEFINITELY feeling like cheating

Then Armor up and throw down that no-weakness monster! :smiley:

Also my vote doesn’t count on the evolve thing

Oh yeah

Cranidos ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ


D Volc doesn’t need the Armor, give it Black Sludge and it works about the same.


Eevee. All the way eevee.


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language i speak
  • eng
  • jap
  • spa
  • ital
  • chns
  • other

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Multiple, and fragments of others. Decent Indonesian, bad Chinese, decent Spanish and Latin, good English.