*sold* Shiny comp Skarmory for trade

Trading Name: Poseidenj


nature: Impish ability: Sturdy poke: Shiny skarmory
moves: Spikes, roost, brave bird, taunt IVs: 31 across the board but in SpA. EV trained: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpecD

also has pokerus if you want to respec it.

Request: As many non-shiny competitive builds as you’re willing to offer (bred and egg moves, no EV training needed).

Further info: pics for proof


updated with pics in the post.

Wow. That is amazing. I’m very interested.

Do you want EV trained competitive mons? Or just bred?

just bred.

Okay how does 6 sound?

Well since it’s already EV trained and my shop isn’t working out well anyway, I’ll offer 9

9 :open_mouth: Fine then. Ten

mons with egg move bred or just bred

Fine then, 12

Fifteen :wink:


Nineteen mons


6bred mons with egg moves of your choice

Dude the bid is 20 of those.

Make that 21

oh megastone meant 20 just bred no egg moves i think

we’re offering more than 20 with egg moves

Make that 22

oh man i would say no cause ima too lazy to trade 22+ times lol