Sold both lucky eggs when preparing for elite 4

Trading Name: TQIPPO

Offer: Practically anything.

Request: Lucky egg

Further info: I am at holon lake and caught a fair amount of legends. If someone could trade their spare lucky egg for free that would be awesome but I am willing to trade.

I can give you one. Have you finished the game yet by any chance?

I have a lucky egg and what legendaries do you have

it in the house next to the stock market talk to the explauod

You can buy the Lucky Egg in the Black Market I’m pretty sure.

It’s not on the wiki, I don’t think you can.

I’m gonna go check right now.

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Hmm, looks like I remembered wrong and it was Exp. Share that was sold in Black Market.

I have a Lucky Egg on an alt save I can give for free if you don’t have one yet.

@nvm I can get it myself on an alt save. But thanks anyway e

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