Softlock location postgame glitch?

So I am in the very very late game doing the magma stone quest where you fight/catch Groudon. However, when you exit that part of the cave you go back to the ball puzzle. You can’t actually do said puzzle though because the first move locks you in place. Now I read from a let’splay that there is supposed to be an escape rope in that groudon room every time you get in there, but that one just doesn’t exist. So if you don’t have any escape ropes on hand, you basically softlock yourself every time you want to try to catch groudon. Isn’t that a bit of a problem?
Softlockproblem 1
softlock problem 2

Are you sure you didn’t just collect it already? I’m not sure how far you have to get for it to reset.
EDIT: Looking at the wiki, the escape rope only spawns if none are in your bag.

No I didn’t pick it up. Must be a QoL change then so people can’t farm escape ropes. Alright thank you for the answer. Apologies for the shitty post.

No problem, it’s a reasonable question

alright so i dont know if you guys found the solution from what you are typing here but i have an idea just trade one of your party mons for a one with an escape rope and then just trade back and get your mon back