Soft reseting

First off, hi I’m new, second I know you need F12 to soft reset, but my laptop doesn’t have F12. Is there a substitute button that soft resets or do I have to manually close and reopen the game?

you can press F1 to bring up your keybinds, check if there’s something there.
Edit: just checked my own, there’s nothing. you’re pecked dawg

Neat, that’s annoying

could try an external keybind program like hotkey, was what i used to help make sring faster

I have no idea how to do that
you can get it here, and i think you just have to write a basic “[key]::F12” code to bind it
it says more there, or u can do a quick ggl search for ti

I went to the link you sent and downloaded the most recent version and I’m lost. I created the script file on my desktop as it says in the tutorial and I don’t know how to bind anything to f12. I want to make ctrl 1 in f12, what should I do?