So, new playthrough team

I started a new playthrough, looking for a team with no type overlaps and good coverage. My starter is Delta Bulbasaur.

my team in my first playthrough was (delta venasaur(mega),delta gradvoir,delta haxourus,t tar(i loved it so any rock\ground type will do the trick),delta volcarona,delta snorlax)
it’s good for type coverage and has a lot of powerhouses (d gardevoir,d mega venasaur)
but also a lot of them only show up lategame so make up what you need until you get d volcarona (post game)

do you have a Delta Larvesta you could trade me? I love mah boi the Apocolypse Pokemon

no, my save where i had the d larvesta got deleted so i am just playing from start now

got any pokemon that you think I would like? I want a dragon type and an ice type atm

also could we do a quick trade/trade back so I can get an Alakazam before Helios City?

i could get u a dratini and i do have a kadabra that i could trade u

I took Kadabra off…also just got a hidden ability shiny Litleo. Dabs wildly

and I have Axew right now, so all I want is an ice-type other than Delta Scyther

oh and I need a Thunder Stone so I can evolve my Delta Kirlia in Delta Gallade