Sixth team member?

I’m currently in Helios city, and have found a lot of battles difficult even though I know i’m overleveled and would like to find a new member for my sixth slot. I’d prefferably like it to be avilable closer to my location, if that’s possible, if not, i’m fine with it as long as it helps. I’d also really like to play the game with “new” Pokemon (Deltas) if that works.

Current team:

D Charizard (Scratch, Confuse ray, Shadow ball, Dragon Breath) (I realize two of these moves are usless)

D Snorlax (Return, Razor Leaf, Body Slam, Rollout)

D Gallade (Ice beam, Frost Breath, Thunder shock, Calm Mind) (Gonna remake entire moveset)

Marowak (Thrash, Bonemerang, Bone Club, False Swipe)

D Sunflora (Sludge, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Solar Beam)

Please give me advice for my team, and the last member. I usually stick ith the same team for the entire game, so for the people that know the rest of the storyline, something that would help me there would be great. Thanks!

i can give you some breed rejects with good nature with 4-5 IV if you want

What pokemon are they?

i can breed you delta pokemons if you want if i have that available. you choose which one you want.émon

Is delta Budew okay? Thank you a lot for doing this.

ok. give me 5 mins

Alright! Thank You!

you already know how to trade?

I think so, I just need to type in your username?

yes. my username is iamryan

what’s yours?

ChickenisLunala, same as my forum name.

ok. i will just give you a delta budew egg. before you hatch it in vipik city, make sure you have 1 luxury ball to put it in because you need friendship to evolve it.

go to pokenav now

K, I will. I’ll trade you a delta pidgey, just because I won’t be using it

no need. just any regular mon is ok

It’s aalso the only other one in my party, as I forgot to trade it out. Is it okay if I trade you it, or do you not want it

im already trying to trade you

again. i fucked up

we can trade again when you already hatch it, i will teach it high damage moves like moonblast at dark pulse if you want

Sorry for the late response, My computer crashed and I had to go to school right after. Thanks for the offer, but i’m good, I can teach it to them on my own. Thank you for sending it to me.