Should I use Delta Haxorus?

So my current team is
Delta Venusaur
Delta Gardevoir

I recently got a Delta Axew from a quest and raised it to Haxorus. Should I use it? And if so, who should I replace to use?

It is a really powerful pokemon but from the looks of your team I’m not too sure. Assuming your gengar doesn’t have levitate, you already have 3 pokemon weak to ground types. So adding delta haxorus would only add another weakness to ground.

id say replace lucario cuz they share steel type but d.hax has the better defensive typing. it also has useful coverage in crunch and ice fang if you want ice types.
it also gets swords dance and you can just solo several battles with sd hax lol


hax is part water which can take care of ground types but yeah i see it

Yeah, I used delta haxorus in my first play through and whilst it had the ability to deal with ground types it more often than not ended up getting knocked out or having to be switched out. There were a lot of bulky or fast ground types that would just destroy it

Well my Gengar does have levitate, if that changes anything

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Thanks for the tip!

I see, thanks for the help

Honestly, your gengar rllly isnt good 4 ur team setup, but your altaria is also outclassed when it comes to stats by delta axew, regardless delta axew is worth it!!!

haha thanks for the response but I already completed the whole game a long time ago sooo… thanks anyway!

Do you still play?

Yup! Why though?

Im in hekate town rn and could use advice i guess

Also i take back what i said about Altaria, Once you get altarias mega stone its easily supreme to delta haxorus.

Hekate town? Ok I’m assuming you didn’t clear fiery caverns yet. Make sure to have some decent water types in your team. I used delta goodra that I got from trading for example. Also next up is selene city which has the selene gym. The gym trainer there specializes in psychic and ghost so make sure to get some dark types in advance as well