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? Should I go to the lottery?

At this point i should either go at the lottery or start a shinylocke


When getting a brave nature two times in a row is helpful:

I’m gonna post the literal number of soft resets or running encounters i’ve done for all of my shinies:
Mew: Around 2k SRs
Giratina: Exactly 20 SRs
Milotic: 1200 Masuda Eggs
Druddigon: 1300 REs in the Friend Safari (this one took a while ,and i wasnt even hunting for it , i wanted a swablu lmfao)
D. Charmander: 30 SRs while trying to get a timid nature (fun fact , 3 SRs before getting the mander, I got a naive one and i was gonna stick with it , but due to it having a 0 speed iv , i soft resetted , got two brave ones in a row and last but not least, a hasty shiny one)

If we put all of these together we have:

3220+1330= 4550 encounters in general , which is LESS than the normal full odds shiny rate of 1/4096.


If you’re open to it, would you care to trade your shiny delta charmander for my currently bold natured shiny delta charizard and something else? I am not a fan of the Pokepon haha

Oh sorry, I’m planning on using it to complete the game so I’ll have to pass

youre good haha, I was just hoping to swap natures. My shiny D. Charizard is only level 36 if you want to use it for your playthrough

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Good luck changing that nature, thankfully bold is not that bad since it drops attack at the very least lmao

go to the lottery

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