Shinys for trade

Trading Name: stances

Tyrunt is adamant: strong jaw, Hydreigon Mild: Levitate 6iv ev trainned sp atk speed, Zweilous Timid: Hustle, Delta Misdreavus Modest: Winter Joy, Geodude Calm: Sturdy, Zangoose Modest: Immunity, Sentret Modest: Frisk.

Request: Other shinys

Further info: For tyrunt not going to accept just random off nature crap going to be looking for something else with positive nature. Same for the zweilous and hydreigon

I’ll trade ya my shiny Banette for your ferrothorn.

Dude that banette is a good nature. Ask more than just one bad-natured shiny.

Nah it’s cool, I just want the ferroseed

Careful isn’t amazing either I think that’s a perfectly fair trade

Oh lmao thought banette = sableye :o

dumb stupid cheese

sure man

great. My trade name is peanut4

ok ready to trade on your go my trade name is stances


oops something went wrong, were gonna have to try again

ready on your go

go again

cool you get it?

got it ty partner

yep thanks


Hey, i really want the tyrunt but for now I have no shinys to offer Maybe I find you one please name the nature+mon(should only be in FS and not 3rd slot)+if you want it Iv/Ev trained This may take a week or 2 but please keep it for me I’ll be grateful thanks

sorry but not reserving a pokemon for that long on a hope that you find one.