Shiny Trading

Trading Name: Jaori

Offer: Shiny Deino with Calm nature holding an IV Stone

Request: Any shiny (don’t care about natures).

Further info:

I can trade you a shiny.

It’s a shiny that i don’t really need.

What shiny is it?

It’s a shiny pumpkaboo

or would you rather have the shiny Aurorus

I can give you a mew for one and the shiny deino for the other.


Give me a minute or two.


I’m sorry, but my game is having technical difficulties. Could we try again next weekend because I’m not going to be able to use it until then?



No problem.

Just typing here to keep this tread from being locked.

Yeah. I was about to do that.

new, got no shinies just a bump to keep it active :slight_smile:

I’m ready to trade whenever. @animelover


I’m ready to trade!

ok im ready

btw your trade name is animelover right?