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Shiny Rate Question

Hi I would like to know that, if I am in a friend safari and I use the dexnav with a Shiny Charm, the chances of getting a shiny pokemon in a big way will be added or otherwise it will not feed more or only the dexnav more shiny charm will be added or they will be added the friend safary and the shiny charm but not all at once


I’m a little confused about your question, but I’m assuming you’re asking if dexnav and friend safari stack, which they do not.
Friend safari and shiny charm DO stack however and when both are used your odds are 7/4096 compared to the 1/4096 chance of no charm/friend safari.

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Thank you very much, if I admit it my question is a bit confusing and I am worried that no one could answer it but even so without understanding my question very well you answered it exactly, thank you very much :grin:


yeah no problem!