Shiny Offer

Trading Name: LXBDK

I’ve been trying to hatch a shiny Froakie for some time now and i’ve gotten two but neither have their hidden ability, I’m early game on this save and I’m looking for someone with access to the Hidden Ability changer to lend one of them to and change them to It’s Hidden Ability for me.
If someone does this for me I’ll let you keep the other one along with an IV Stone.
Froakies are Max IV and Lonely

i can do that

trade name dheer

ae you there @LXBDK-PKMN
@ me when you are there

I’m ready, thanks.

I’m in waiting now.

welcome to the community! hope you stay
btw you could use a dream mist to change it to ha

oh whoops i didnt see the early game part
btw if oaa is unavailable i could do it for you

also, you dont need to give an iv stone, just the shiny is fine

I’ve already been a fan for years.
I decided to pick the game up again recently.

OK though, what’s your trade name

oh. i didnt know that lol

just a heads up tho, please use the trading format while making a trading post

gimme a sec i gotta get a trashmon first tho

Sure thing.

k i got it

sending req

it says youre not online

Im back