Shiny Hunter for hire

I will shiny hunt for people, I will take items/hidden ability pokemon as payment.

I will give you a Masterball, some PP Ups, and some IV Stones if you can shiny hunt a litwick for me

normal litwick?

yes normal one

okay, sure…this is gonna take me a while probably, so just ask every once in a while

You can message me when you find it

I will also show you a screenshot of the masterball, pp ups and IV stone when you find it

Grinding for some IV Stones rn btw

also, thanks for the Delta Volcrona, that thing is op af, can one-shot basically anything within 3 levels that isn’t a huge special tank

also, grinding in Whirl Islands I assume? I’m there right now for Heart Scales and the 1k sell items, I don’t really need IV Stones for anything except money xD

Do you want me to give you heart scales instead of IV Stones

I have gotten alot of them from fishing

…nah, when I need them I grind for them, and I need the IV stones for the 5k sell price

There is an easier way to get money you can race in sonata tracks

How many IV Stones do you want btw

3, because I don’t want to spend too much time on the trades. Also, where do you find Spiritombs?

Friend Safari and I think there is someone called Librarian that has it iirc

actually, can I do a friend safari with you?

I dont have the spiritomb tho

yeah, it doesn’t matter, I just have never done a Friend Safari…also, the search for that Litwick is murdering my sanity. And, side comment, on a scale of 1-10, how much does the unobtainable Master Ball in Amphrite City piss you off?