Shiny Hunt Service

Trading Name: Emperor.

Offer: Shiny Pokemon.

Request: Competitive Pokemon, megastones and Deltas.

Further info: ask for one specific pokemon and I will hunt it’s shiny version. I will take at most 15hrs to find each one. For the Competitive Pokemon, I don’t have any specific build or something like this in mind, so just tell what you can offer (but it can’t be evolved). I’m just trying to complete the Pokedex. For the Deltas, these are the ones I’m lookin’ for:

Modest Delta Bulbasaur Modest Delta Squirtle Timid Female Delta Snorunt Jolly Male Delta Ralts Mystery Gift Delta Munchlax Mystery Gift Delta Misdreavus Any non-evolved Mystery Gift Pokemon.

And for megastones:

Reuniclite Spiritombite Zoronite Shiftrite Blastoisinite Venusaurite Charizadite Y Delta Blastoisinite Delta Venusaurite Eevite

The deal is one-for-one like: one Shiny for one Delta, one Shiny for one megastone. Competitive Pokémon are exceptions, as I want 2-3 per Shiny.

I have most of the megastones and have a delta wooper as a mystery gift,and btw you could just soft reset for all of the natures.If you want I could give you delta wooper and 2 mystery stones anything on other than zoronite,reuniclite and shiftrite and unfortunately charizardite y

I would give all of this for one shiny

What does “Competitive Pokemon” mean? I’m assuming they have to have good IVs, but do they have to be EV trained or have egg moves? Also, if I ask for something and you search for 15 hours and don’t find a shiny, do I still have to pay?

Wild yes it would be nature,egg moves,good ivs and evs.If not it would only be a good bred mon

slowbro full ev iv and nature heracross full ev iv and nature wartortle full ev iv and nature

The thing is that we can’t self trade, so I need the “one of a kind” deltas from other players. By now, I will take the Delta Wooper. Which Shiny you want?

Can I give you two megastones and the the delta?I dont feel right just giving a delta for a shiny


A Pokémon with perfect IVs and egg moves, like a Larvitar with Dragon Dance, for example.

No need to be EV trained as I want to make it myself.

You can cancel the deal and keep your competitive/megastone/delta or simply wait until I find it. The 15 hours is just a min-max per trade, that way I don’t accumulate too much requests.

Ok then, I will take one megastone. More than that is way too much.

I edited the original post. I’m not looking for evolved Pokemon. Sorry.

Hey could I please see the shinies you have?

I have a salamance all egg moves 5 ivs no evs and lv 60

Okay so delta wooper plus which mega stone?

i got the delta venusourtite ill trade it

For your information, a megastone takes 45 minutes to get, a shiny takes 15 hours.

No evolved Pokemon, sorry. But I can take the D. Venusaurite. Which shiny?

what do you have


Delta wooper isnt evolved lol plus you should really ask for more one for one is being really generous