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Shiny hunt deltas(me not u)

which deltas should shiny hunt

Shiny Cake crustle

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… why a trade mon…

ok then :frowning:

Are you just doing it because you’re bored?


i have nobody to do anything with…

cyndaquil, torchic, pikachu, charmander, bowser (squirtle), larvesta, regis, ralts, pawniard, shinx, budew, snorlax (or munchlax), chinchou, aron, beldum(ruin and spider), venipede, axew, hoopa, and greninja (only good if you have the delta ash greninja mod on though)

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any more or thats all?

Hunt Nothing, and save your breath. It’s simple ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Delta pikachu. I don’t know what you’d want but I have some stuff in the bredmon shop storage

Though, I’d recommend Shiny hunting Delta Hoopa, it’s pretty cool

It’s cool but it’s a static encounter

they didn’t say they are not gonna hunt static encs

Technically all deltas are static encounters if you don’t have a Delta ditto

which is why i want to trade my extra delta ditto…

I guess. I meant static’s take a lot more time

Not always, depends on how lucky you are. You may get your shiny first try, you may never get it. Ya never know

Same goes for masuda

bro shiny delta meloetta is soooo cool lmao