Shiny cosplay?

So i was thinking of cosplaying a pokemon character (insurg or not) for fun, but all the pokemon would have ideal natures and would all be shiny. Suggestions on which character?
PS: If the character has more than one team, ill be choosing the most iconic/strongest one. So for example for cynthia it would be B2W2 and for Reukra it would be his battle before arceus team



Surprised you wouldn’t pick Cynthia’s Platinum team.

How about Silver from HGSS?

i messed up, i meant platinum but i was looking at her undella team lol

i asked on the discord too and got cynthia and calreath. ill make a poll with these trainers and ill cosplay whoever wins

  • Cynthia
  • Calreath
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Alder
  • Anastasia

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didnt put reukra cuz im not crazy enough to hunt 3 legends lmao

ill wait for a day or 2, then ill hunt em just incase it the poll changes

smh it’s not that hard with charm

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actually now that I think about it I may do it once I start my second file

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well it took you over 30k encs with victini
granted you were pretty unlucky but still

also i dont have charm and wont have it cuz im too lazy lol
also i like full odds shinies, to me their more valuable

My luck has been recovering so I don’t think it’d be that bad, the game’s been rewarding me with a ton of underodds shinies

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getting off topic but yeah this is pretty interesting concept and I wonder how long it’ll take you

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true dat
youre getting kinda addicted to shiny shroomish and other randoms shinies too lmao

you can’t blame me if they’re normally good shinies

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im not closing the poll but looks like cynthia won (yay!). now i have a 2 options: do i cosplay her platinum champion team or her timeless hardmode team in insurg. i wanna go for the timeless team cuz mega milo but any suggestions are welcome



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timeless it is then

i just noticed that cynthia’s team has quite a bit of item overlap. tomb and togekiss have a leftovers and lucario and chomp have LO. so im gonna change their items

Not to necro, but did you ever complete this? Or are you still working on this. Just wanted to see how it was going.