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Shiny adamant Eevee

Trading Name: BigTee

Offer: Can somebody explain to me how much it’d be worth?

Request: shiny eevee, lvl1 (preferred adamant) (looking for spare eeveeite too, tho not important)

Further info: I am a player new to insurgence who basically speedran the complete story (sitting at top 4 rn, crying that i cannot cheese them with 1 omnipotent pokemon XDDDD) and now I wanna know how much shinies are worth so i can farm payment accordingly. Thought I’d start with an eevee as it was (from my point of view) super common to spambreed eevees in every pokemon game, so shiny eevees were common (among shinies) and therefore not worth too much.

It’s definitely different with this game. If you don’t pick eevee as your starter and reset until it’s shiny, then the only other way is to gamble on the 33% chance in the friend safari that it’s eevee that ends up shiny. Level one would require breeding, and that tends to take quite some time even with masuda method and shiny charm. Basically you’d have to offer up at least one other shiny that the other person highly values, given the increased difficulty of getting a shiny eevee. Maybe some IV stones on top of that. I would also recommend not doing adamant, as mega eevee’s ability benefits more from timid/modest nature

welp okay, thank you for the valuable information, will then try to breed a shiny tyrannitar (want one myself anyway too) to offer + i wanted a bred one anyway, as i didnt want the rerolled starter, but one bred from a flaveon or stuff :smiley: ill gather some IV stones too. Cheers!

by the way, can i just breed an egg, let the scientist in vipik set it to 1 step left, save and then open it and reset (restart game) until i get a shiny or the nature i want? Will the results differ each time?

You’ll want to ask whoever you’ll be trading with for whatever shiny they desire, as it’s pretty easy to shiny hunt tyranitar using the dexnav (although a bred shiny dragon dance tyranitar would be very valuable). You need to save before you receive the egg from the daycare woman in order for the results to be different each time. Once you take the egg, everything about the pokemon is locked in.

That makes the process quite tedious, but thank you again for the information :slight_smile:

No‌ you get the same results each time. The Pokemon in the egg is already decided once you get the egg

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