Shinies & cool stuffs

I’ll try to stay online

Alright. I’ll post when I can trade

I also have.Lol

Its jolly too

You there?


Give me 15m to get it ready for you.

Any chance that you need any other mons that I could breed for a shiny?


uhmm, can you get a riolu/lucario special sweeper with a timid nature?

Yeah sure what Shinies are left?

@M3tros How many perfect IVs do you require for gible?

Is the metang still up for grabs?

I dont care much about iv since I’m plenty of stones :smiley:

yes for the moment

Too late.

Also, if you don’t need stones, can I give something else in addition to Char Y for the ralts?

And I’m ready to trade for eevee now.

btw what moves do you want the lucario to like?So I dont mess up

Your getting eevee and metang?

This is special sweeper.

Ok thx

@M3tros We can trade on your go. My trade name is Cow538, what is yours?