Shinies & cool stuffs

Trading Name: Himehana


  • Protean Timid Froakie with egg moves
  • Iron barbs Sassy Ferroseed, Gyro ball/leech seed/spikes/stealth rock
  • Shiny Misdreavus
  • Shiny Charmeleon
  • Shiny Whirlipede

Request: Something interesting such as other shinies or megastones, I’m currently looking for an adamant shiny mawile and timid shiny serperior (possibly with contrary)

Further info: I don’t know what else to write and now you’re reading this wasting you time…oh I can use some iv stone if necessary

I thought that ralts was for me bro

I duplicated the saved data, so I should have infinite ralts, am I wrong?

That is against the rules. Delete all but one of the save files or else you’ll probably get banned

I see…I’ll modify the message and save that ralts for you

You said you wanted megastones. Would you be interested in a reuniclite?

I offer: 15 IV stones for the Eevee 10 IV stones for the Klefki 15 IV stones for the Metang

I think he wants shinies/megastones. Also, can you get on discord?

If s/he does accept IV stones, I’ll offer 17 stones for the metang.

20 stones for Metang

I can offer any Megastone on other than mystery gift megastones.On other than that I have most of them=p

I can also offer iv stones!

Honestly, I dont need iv stone atm, I’d prefer other shinies uhm or a gible with a nice move set (I’m not in the mood ti breed one, too lazy)

I have a jolly nature gible with the moves outrage, fire blast, iron tail, and earthquake. Would that suffice?

That would be nice, for which one?

Eevee maybe?

That’s ok, I’m online right now

Will you still be there in 2-3 hours?

in 2 hours yes, not 3 :\

I might be able to trade in 2.5 hours, does that work?