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Shadow Mewtwo

Is Shadow Mewtwo available yet, and if so, how do you get it? All the posts relating to this topic end at 2018, so I don’t know if it’s available yet. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I know how to get Shadow Mewtwo (the Challenge Championship) but is it still buggy?

I don’t think that there is any way to get it sorry

u can encounter shadow mewtwo in a randomizer but when u catch it it goes back to normal

So there is no way to get whatever item you need to make it Shadow Mewtwo? Assuming there is one; that seems to be the most probable thing.

yeah not yet

With the new update you are now able to actually get Shadow Mewtwo

But it doesn’t say how to. It just means that it won’t go weird when using it in randomisers

I think its now a champions cup reward
if u want to be sure I recommend asking on the discord

Will do. Thanks for the info.