Setting a secure password

Since the email went out about the possible leak, I thought it would be a good time to inform those on setting a secure password. This can be used for anything, from Insurgence to reddit to your personal email.

For those that don’t know about setting a secure password, let me refer you to this post. Now before everyone goes to change their password to CorrectHorseBatteryStaple, or visiting a website to generate random words for you, stop.

You have to pick your own words. You have to pick uncommon words, but ones you’ll remember. Refer to this website here: This site will provide the most common words in the English language. If you have words too high up in this list, it’s probably not going to be very secure. Pick 3-5 words and try to make sure at least 2 of them are not on that list, so that the word isn’t going to be commonly guessed. That way you minimize the risk of losing your password to an attacker.

Disclaimer: If you lose your PW’s to a keylogger, that’s your own damn fault.

Final note. Never reuse your passwords. Your email address recovery is no good if your password for Facebook and also Pizzahut matches it.

Thank you for your time


Silly question, where exactly do I change my password on this site? I clicked on my icon, clicked preferences, and all I can see is to have my password reset via email. Isn’t there a way I can change my password by putting in my old password then typing in a new one twice like most sites?

You’d probably have to do it by email.