Seed Flare Bug

Using joiplay emulator for insurgence and seed flare won’t work, doesn’t work in any locations and I’ve already checked to see if it was my bugged follower (wiped, no armor or anything on follower) so I’m stuck at abyssal building, just wanna keep playing the game tbh.

-photo for reference to where I am incase I spelt it wrong or something

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Joiplay is just bad

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You can’t expect everything to work on it…and there is no fix for that

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Any better alternatives for playing on mobile? Thanks for letting me know it’s bad too

What happens, why does it not work?

I have the same exact problem. after inputting the password, the sewer water is green, and seed flare doesn’t work

is it the only place where seed flare does not work? if so maybe you can get the save to the mods to fix it idk

where else does seed flare work that is accessible early game(before the abyssal base)?

After you get seed flare ability there are a few places u can backtrack and try to use it route 7 before helios city and route 3

Nah my seed flare doesn’t work at all, even made a new save n grinded back to when I get it, couldn’t purify the water I saved whatshisface from in the landfill

Same. So that’s our save files gone I guess :o

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Most of seed flare usage in game is p
Optional if not mistaken if you give your save file to a mod just to get over that one it might work

how? the main discord server?
If so what’s the process? Is there a specific thing I need to prepare?


I dont know that was an idea

Search around Ur device using EZ file browser and find a file called game.rxdata thats the savefile.