"script is hanging" please help!

every time i open my pokemon insurgence game it says “scrip is hanging” and closes the game i really wanna play this game for a long time and now its not working and i do not know why can someone explain what is going on?

Do you have wifi on?if not please try and turn on.then go back to the game and start.

I tried and it still says script is hanging i also tried to restart my windows and it still won’t work

I usually get that message when fighting gym and i solved it by letting my laptop off for couple of hours then open the game. Try it maybe it can help.

ok thanks i will try it

That happened to me once, all you need to do is start the game in a place with a stable network connection. Maybe where you are starting your game, your connection is blocking the game from starting. After you started and saved, you can play the game anywhere.