Saves in different folders

So a little background, i’m the eldest of 5 brothers and I introduced them to Insurgence and they’re having a blast with it. So all the 3 save slots are full (my account and my 2 brothers’ accounts) and I really wanted to do a challenge run. Is there anyway I can create an entriely different folder where the game can save to without harming the original folder?

WINDOWS: Well you could make a folder with Insurgence save files you arent using and put one of your 3 save files in that folder. Since it wouldnt be in your saved games folder, which is where the game goes to to load up your save files, it wouldnt show up and you could start a new game. However, if you ever wanted to get back that old save file, you could just go that Insurgence save file folder that had save files you arent using and switch it with one you are using. You could keep doing this back and forth so that you wouldnt have to delete any of them.

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