Road to the ultimate team !in process that is

Up to this point i am at the cave of steam.For the little i have seen this game is really challenging and i try to pick the best possible pokemon in order to destroy any opponent.My team has:
delta charizard @life orb
dragon dance
shadow sneak
shadow ball
dragon pulse

delta gardevoir @magnet
ice shard
ice beam
calm mind
shock wave

flygon @flygonite
buzz bug
drakon voice
ancient roar

pupitar @hard stone
dark pulse
rock slide

and i had a typlosion but a very nice guy traded me a speed boost torchic so in future a blaziken(in training)
i would like to have an armored tyranitar and i was thinking in future adding mew but since i have 5 pokemon up to now,i train an azumaril (adamant,huge power).The league is quite difficult with those “broken” pokemon the champion uses and some combo teams as well in item boosted pokemon of leaders and cult leaders.I try to have the best coverage possible and immunities.It may look like a full fan-favoutie team but it works pretty good and it’s well rounded agaist any situation i have faced.
As i said this game is challenging after all so any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.