RMT New Moon Team

Well, i wanted to create a team with new moon, cuz wynaut. Here it is:

Spiritomb: Adamant, noctem, dark rock. Moves: Foul play, sucker punch, will-o-wisp, phantom force

Delta Scyther: Adamant, hustle, eviolite. Moves: hone claws, night slash, icicle crash, close combat

Delta Electivire: Adamant, shadow dance, life orb. Moves: Outrage, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Hone Claws

Delta Milotic: Calm, Regenerator(absolution in mega), Delta Milotite. Moves: Recover, Curse, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball.

Delta Volcarona: Timid, Absolution, D. Volcarona Armour. Moves: Sludge Bomb, Lunar Cannon, Tailwind, Roost

Greninja: Timid, Protean, Life Orb. Moves: Dark Pulse, Hydro Pump, Extrasensory, Ice Beam

Please tell me how is it? :3

Why would you need curse on a SPECIAL delta milotic, curse is absolutely useless in your case. Allow it to learn some other moves (idk what, maybe a status (like permafrost - if it can learn it -, maybe another special, maybe stat raising. idk)

Curse acts differently when used by a Ghost type, so it is fairly useful on DMilotic.

oh yeah, forgot about that

halves the user’s hp but inflicts curse on the opponent

You can think about getting a Delta Roserade. Add New Moon TM to get another darkness. Either could make it a special attacker with Shadow Dance or special defensive with Heliophobia. Dark Pulse/Lunar Cannon, Moonblast and it’s good to go for a darkness themed team. It can also learn Sludge Wave/Sludge Bomb to counter other fairy types.

I would use it, but its typing is honestly not apt for a new moon team. Just like you don;t use a fire/water type in a rain team,you don;t use a dark/fairy type in a new moon team. It cant benefit from its stab fairy moves. And I already have enough dark coverage in my team… so yeah

Curse doesnt increase atk when used by a ghost type