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Rise of a new God

Hey, I wanted to show you my Arceus what was created by people like Mewto maybe you have ideas for improvement or you want to try it yourself, you are free to use it and I have problems designing a backsprite from it maybe someone can help me


Seems like a baby arceus

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looks cool btw welcome to the community

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yea kinda looks like a baby fish (no offense) and what?!

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Welcome to the community! Looks great but it could use improvement.

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@Deathtrapper43 looks like a servine + arceus im fixing it for u rn

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Yes it looks like a baby, you’re right and Thanks :smiley:

im thinking of making it more human looking

Thanks a lot!

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Hmm that sounds interesting

i mean it makes sense because mewtwo looks more human than mew

Wtf I literally didn’t type that. Did you edit that?

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yes he did

no i just added it lol


So you have chosen… Death.

no i have chosen… 1mil deaths


ive already died in total that many times including pokemon zelda mario and every game ive played

I could give you a good fire type, I already beat the game.