Requesting help in evoling my Kadabra

Trading Name: Reiy13

Offer: Kadabra

Request: Anything

Further info: I want to evolve my Kadabra into an Alakazam. Is anyone willing to trade anything to me and then trade me the evolved Alakazam back? You can give me other trade-neccesary Pokemon so we both benefit.

but i want a good thing for your help

Good thing?

like a descent in game pk
for third gym leader

i cant beat him

ok i will help you my name is Shash

I doubt I have anything that can help you with the third gym, though. I’m way earlier in the game.

still i may help you

BTW, if you’re at the third gym, you can evolve trade evos in the Black Market. In one of the houses, there is a witchdoctor who can evolve them for you. @Reiy13

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