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Requesting a Foreign Delta Ditto

Trading Name: WhiteRain

Offer: Region +1 (North America, USA) Delta Ditto

Request: Any other region (Non +1) Delta Ditto

Further info: Looking for a foreign delta ditto for masuda method purposes, I will trade my North American Delta Ditto for any Delta Ditto of another region

Are you still looking for one?
Also, do you know how the game registers your region?
My computer’s regional format is set to Denmark, but everything else is English.

I am still looking for one, and was your Computer region set to denmark when you started Insurgence?

Because if so then the trade will work and I would love to still do the trade

It was at the very least set to a European region

Perfect, could we do the trade?


Cool, what is your ingame name?

Wait a little, jsut exiting the Abyssal Base

Ok word

Ready now


Lol all good

Wait a moment

Ok just lmk, also my name is WhiteRain incase that is important

Ready again

Thank you so much, pleasure trading with you

Do you know how to check the nationality of it?

My should be a +3 or +4

Not sure, but did you get this through your own playthrough of the game? also how is it level 7