Refighting Legendaries? (Zygarde?)

First post here, I’ve really been enjoying the game!

However, I just fought Zygarde in Dragon Ruins and accidentally fainted it. Issue is, I saved hours ago, and would really not rather playing through so much again. It’s not that big of a deal, but is there a way to rechallenge legendaries if you faint them so I could go and catch Zygarde later? Thanks!

I don’t know too much about the game. Haven’t even made it to Postgame yet. But, as you probably know, in regular games, a League Rematch does the trick. However, I’ve seen some posts and from what I assume, they’re unique. It’s best to trade for them with shinies, or something of the type.

Though, (and sorry for double posting) as I said, I haven’t even made it to Postgame yet. Wait for another response to be sure, if you’d like 100% accuracy.

Thanks for adding, even if you don’t 100% know!

The only issue is Zygarde is gotten via a quest that’s part of the story, so I can’t redo it. I will try that though!

Very few legendaries can be rematched. Zygarde is not one of those.

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Alright, that’s fine by me than, thanks!

Zygarde can be found in terminus if you killed it at dragon ruins and if I’m late srry