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Red question

By the game is finished, will there be a trainer Red battle? When you battle Red.

That hasn’t been confirmed yet and insurgence is on a feature lock. If you’re asking me, I don’t think he’d be in the game, but I don’t know, miracles can happen. Just wait until he is leaked or 1.2 comes out.

Do you know when it comes out?

Currently, the Developers of Insurgence are holding their tongues on an update release date in order to not give the audience expectations of when 1.2 should come out. The only confirmation that we can give is the core devs plan to be finished with Insurgence Content as soon as possible. Updates regarding progress sometimes will be posted on either the devs’ twitter or on discord sometimes.


He was mentioned in Helios City (I Think that’s the correct city), but that might have nothing to do with anything as it could just be an Easter Egg.

Red is one of the Timeless, a mysterious group you face after the pokemon league. Watch out though, as his ace is very strong