Recovering saved data from another laptop

i had a saved game on another laptop, but had to sell it and was wondering if there was a way to recover it?

If you still have the computer, yes. If not no. (I’m not sure about the no part).

so much is lost idk if i have the heart to start over and i really love this version of pokemon

I’m guessing that means you don’t have the computer. If you don’t then yeah, I’m pretty sure now way to get your save back.

my soul died a little

Try contacting the person you sold it to. You might be able to get it that way.

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pawned it so it was wiped clean

That sucks then… Mind telling me what you had on that file? I might be able to catch some of it for you and give it if you play again

all the deltas out including the mystery gift ones, some perfect iv pokemon a shiny gastly pretty much ran through and caught damn near anything you could catch in the game so far. i put in a lot of hours, i can handle re catching all the pokemon again i’m just broken hearted over losing the mystery gift ones.

I traded away my mystery gift delta snorlax sorry :frowning:

its fine, as a computer technician i probably shouldve been wise enough to send my save data somewhere. i was just hoping maybe just maybe there was a central server with backup data