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Full Title: Pokemon shield players w/ nintendo switch online needed!

I need to complete my pokedex but need someone who plays shield to help me out.

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What do you need?


I can help. I already completed the dex. Just… no Legendaries, okay? I trust no one with them.


can we touch trade the boxart ones? I am availible rn.


if only i had friends lol

Are you still available @Beetle?

Anyone have escavelier, oranguru, drampa, trevenant, sableye or lunatone? I need those for the pokedex. link code: 3681 2504.

Sorry as I said before, I’m on vacation. I have almost no WiFi, and I’m doing this from my iPad. I have the three Pokémon you want though, and I’ll be available Monday, I think.

Edited my list. #ThankYouDiscord!

@Steelman2004 I hope you have a great vacation! I forgot that u told me because me a dodo head and i am stupid af lol.