Ratings on my current team

Mega Eevee - Timid - Leaf Blade, Foul Play, Moonblast, Hydro pump (These change a lot depending on whatever im facing)

Charizard(Probably getting replaced by D-Aggron) - Hardy - Slash, Dragon pulse, Flamethrower, Air Slash (Cant find a replacement for slash)

Armored Flygon (Who might get replaced by D.Yanmega) - Bashful - Fly, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Boomburst

Delta Roserade - Sassy - Dark Pulse, Moonblast, Sudge Wave, Thunderbolt

Delta Scyther - Adamant - Close Combat, Icicle Crasy, Night Slash, Hone Claws

Delta Typloshion - Lonely :frowning: - Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Dazzling gleam

So far i really do like all my pokemon besides Charizard and Armored flygon, i feel like they arent on the same level as any of my pokemon, with Eevee carrying my team hard.

Any help?

You should evolve Eevee. It is still able to mega evolve after you did it.