Rate My Team For Story Mode?

Level 70 Delta Charizard: Ability:Spirit Call Item:Delta Charizardite Moves:Shadow Ball,Dragon Dance,Dragon Pulse,Lunar Cannon

Level 70 Infernape: Ability:Blaze Item:None Moves:Flare Blitz,Flame Charge,Acrobatics,Close Combat

Level 71 Weavile: Ability:Pressure Item:Life Orb Moves:Ice Shard,Slash,Shadow Claw,Punishment

Level 70 Gengar: Ability:Levitate ItemBlack Sludge Moves:Psychic,Dazzling Gleam,Shadow Ball,Dark Pulse

Level 70 Goodra: Ability:Gooey Item:Leftovers Moves:Muddy Water,Power Whip,Dragon Pulse,Thunderbolt

Level 71 Greninja: Ability:Protean Item:Leftovers Moves:Smack Down,Night Slash,Extrasensory,Hydro Pump

Notes:I finished the demo I know some of the moves are bad,but I don’t want to breed and the moves are very limited due to some move tutors and TMs not existing

Edit:Weavile now knows Custom Move Ice and Hone Claws instead of Slash and Ice Shard Gengar knows venoshock instead of dark pulse

For me, one of the important things for storyline team is type-coverage.

DCharizard: Dragon Dance? Are you sure? Your DCharizard has no physical moves, but you go for Dragon Dance? If you’re not sure, try Hidden Power and definitely keep it if it can hit Fairy super effectively. Super effective coverage moves like Frost Breath can also be used.


  • Option 1: Life Orb in storyline team seems inefficient without Sheer Power ability. It will make you need more Hyper Potion or Pokemon Center visit. Try Nevermeltice instead if you need to boost Ice Shard’s power.
  • Option 2: Hone Claws is an obtainable TM and Weavile can learns it. Hone Claws boosts are doubled in Darkness weather, which Mega DCharizard automatically starts. Replace Slash with Hone Claws as Slash don’t offer any type coverage.

Gengar: Shadow Ball together with Dark Pulse is redundant. While Dark Pulse get more power during Darkness, its super effective coverage are very poor. Also, you already have Psychic or Dazzling Gleam to hit normal types. If in the future Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave TM comes out, change it immediately.

Goodra: Just a tip for future update: Dragon, Fire, and Poison gives perfect neutral coverage.

DCharizard’s Dragon Dance is sitting there waiting to be replaced xD.Maybe I can teach it something like flamethrower for coverage.

Weavile:I am going to replace ice shard with ice punch if a move tutor comes around.BTW thanks for saying hone claws gets boosted in darkness.

Gengar:I will replace dark pulse with sludge wave or bomb.

Goodra:I already have a moveset for Goodra in mind including:Dragon pulse,flamethrower,sludge bomb and muddywater/thunderbolt

Thanks for the help!

Teach Gengar Venoshock ™ instead of Dark Pulse. You already have 3 Pokemon with Dark moves, and most of your team is weak against Fairy types. Even if it doesn’t have high base power, it’s still better after STAB (97.5 BP). This move should be replaced with Sludge Wave/Sludge Bomb once it is available.

Since Move Tutors are probably an endgame feature, teach Weavile Custom Move Ice instead of Slash for a stronger STAB.