Rate my elite four team

Mew @ leftovers
Stealth Rock
Sludge Wave

Delta Snorlax @ leftovers
Drain Punch
Seed bomb
Belly Drum

Delta Gardevoir @ ?
Thunder Wave
Ice Beam

Eevee @ Eevite
Hydro Pump
Foul Play

Girantina @ Life Orb
Aura Sphere
Shadow Claw
Shadow Force

Flygon @ Flygon Armor
Dragon Voice
Bug Buzz

Feedback would be appreciated pls(I haven’t yet beaten it)

I don’t like your Giratina, having 3 ghost-type attack doesn’t seems productive enough. Whitout rain support, I don’t recommend Livewire. I also suggest you run only one Mega Evolution per team to maximise your use of item per battle.

Have you defeated the E4 yet or you want some tips?

Giratina is not usable with 3 ghost type moves

Yeah I had planned on changing up his move set but I don’t now with what. Do you have any suggestions?

I don’t think I’m gonna replace livewire though cuz it saved my butt a ton when I tried to make it through the first time

I would go with a dragon move (do you have the TM for dragon pulse?). I always want to have an attack move for each type, just to double up on STAB+super effective possibilities.

  1. I would use a cmind giratina. Use rest(optional, you could also use hyper potions and replace this with another move), shadow ball/dragon pulse, will o wisp/toxic(will o wisp if they have lots of physical attackers), and cmind. Giratina’s spatk isn’t great, but its really tanky, so you can usually set up cmind really easily. Most of the time you can get to 4x spatk and 4x spdef, and then sweep. Put a leftovers on it if you use this method. If you continue to use an offensive gira, take out 2 of the ghost moves.

  2. Personally, I would not reccomend setting up stealth rock and spikes. It takes too long and the other pokemon can usually 2hko or ohko your mew.

  3. Use a fast taunt pokemon to counter the baton pass person so that their smeargle can’t do anything.

  4. Vary your pokemon throughout the e4. You can’t change pokemon, but you can switch movesets and items to counter each person.

  5. Flygon is meant to be a phsyical attacker, get rid of dragon voice, bug buzz, and boomburst. I would use ddance, outrage/dclaw, and roost

Thanks I’ll see if that helps

Also how do you get ddance on a flygon, I don’t see it on his move set any where @Dialga

Oh shoot sorry, I was thinking of gen 7 movesets for flygon

Ok that’s fine. I think I’m gonna keep bug buzz then because it covers a lot of things that I don’t other wise have coverage for.

Bug Buzz hits dark, grass, and psychic. You otherwise have coverage for all three of those. If you really want a bug move on it, U-turn does higher damage than bug buzz even if it has a modest nature.

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Thanks I ton I just beat them all. Giratina trucked everything!:grin:

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Nice job!

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