Quick mid-game way to get cash

Do not read this if you haven’t gotten your fourth gym badge in Insurgence yet (SPOILERS).

I don’t know what to put here so let’s jump right into it.

In Sonata City there is a little area southeast of the town, named Sonata Tracks (accessible from inside the town). In the Sonata Tracks you’re essentially a Pokemon rider, but all of the Pokemon have the same speed. It’s a small minigame but it’s really fun and easy to get cash with.

There are two workers that you can interact with on the track, the Director (green jacket) and the Sponsorship Director (pink jacket). The first thing you’re gonna wanna do is talk to the Director, enter literally any Pokemon because it doesn’t matter, and practice on the course named Ice Path. I’ve created an image for my usual track (I am extremely bad at MS Paint, don’t judge me) which gives me 42-45 second score (1st Place guaranteed (I’m unsure but I never got 2nd place for doing that course unless it was on purpose)) which is one of the best scores in the whole minigame.

As you delve more into the minigame, you’re going to notice a Sponsorship Value after every game you do. This increases your value with sponsorships (self explanatory), but the bare minimum you need to get everything is only 60 SV (Sponsorship Value).

When you get a decent sponsorship value (mine is 80), you’ll want to talk to the Sponsorship Director. She’ll give you options on sponsors that’ll give you a calculated amount of money and items after every game (To redeem the cash/items after a game, talk to the Sponsorship Director). The current best is Devon Corp, obtainable after 50 games and a 40 SV. Their money multiplier is 225x. The worst are the Kricketune Knockoffs, minimum 1 race and minimum -10 SV. Negative ten. Their money multiplier is 9x, which isn’t bad but isn’t good.

The calculation for the amount of money made is the Money Multiplier * 50 * Amount of Races (since checking the last time/changing the sponsor). According to this, the amount of money made by Devon Corp would be 11,250P every game, and for the Kricketune Knockoffs, 450P.

Items you can get will be listed below.

Vileplume Berry Harvest
Oran Berry - 46.66%
Sitrus Berry - 13.33%
Rawst Berry - 10%
Pecha Berry - 10%
Leppa Berry - 3.33%
Lum Berry - 0.66%

Vanillite Ice Cream Co., MooMooMiltank Inc., Furfrou Fresh Water
Casteliacone, Moomoo Milk, Fresh Water (respectively) - 33.3% (1/3)

Torren Miners Association
Hard Stone - 6.66%
Fire/Water/Leaf/Thunder Stone - 4.66% (All Type Stones together - 18.64%)
Pearl - 0.66

Technical Machines Plc.
Repel - ?
TM74 (Gyro Ball) - 6.66%
TM75 (Swords Dance) - 6.66%
TM81 (X-Scissor) - 6.66%
TM83 (Shock Wave) - 6.66%
TM85 (Dream Eater) - 6.66%

Devon Corp
Great/Ultra/Dusk/Timer Ball - 21.33% (All four Balls together - 85.32%)
Quick Ball - 11.85%
Delta/Shiny Ball - 1.18% (Both Balls together - 2.36%)
Master Ball - 0.47%

That’s all. Ultimately, Devon Corp is the best riding sponsor and this is probably the best way to get cash.

My Ice Path path:

(Please don’t judge it, I already know how bad it looks)

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Before everyone starts typing, all of the information came from the Sonata Tracks page in the wiki.