Quests? and questions

So I don’t know if I’ve already began the quest with Nora or Damian, I’ve already finished the Holon region and caught a few legendaries, I have defeated Rekuera and finished the quest that required capturing Darkrai, Latios, Groudon, and Kyogre.

Go to your dream realm. If you already saved audrey, damian will be in front of a tree in front of Adam’s gym. Nora will be in front of Gaea Town’s gym.

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I saved her from Kyogre and I’ll recheck if Damian was there, cause I’m pretty sure I was just there but didn’t see him.

He’s not there, I saved her from Kyogre. Do I need to catch Lugia as well or does that not matter?

Maybe. Lugia is where you fought Audrey in the whirl islands

Well I’m literally right in front of Lugia, so I’ll try catching it then go see if Damian is there.

Nope. Damian is still missing, and or hiding from me. Did I have to find him and his mom after the Kyogre event or something?

No. Maybe you gotta beat the E4 rematch.

Maybe even though that will be another pain in my ass. I went again with my current team and Kayla literally obliterated me in seconds. :sob: