Questions about last team slot

I’m in utira town and I need a pokemon that will cover for the fairy types in the sonata gym.
My team. Looking for any suggestions.

D.Gardevior lvl 50
Ice Beam
Calm Mind
Double Team
shock wave

D. Blastoise lvl 51
Knock off
aura sphere
shadow sneak
dark pulse

Alakazam lvl 50

Haxorus lvl 51
dragon dance
dragon claw
false swipe
custom move steel


note that I’m probably going to take delta Bisharp instead of delta Blastoise just because MD Bisharp is way better than MD Blastoise ( and way cooler looking.)

You know that D.Pawniard is at Nasca Town right? :thinking:

You could get D.Axew at Miara Town.Its type when become Haxorus is Water/Steel.:joy:

Grab yourself a Honedge (Aegislash) from the hidden grotto on both routes 9 and 10. That should be able to handle some fairy types and is fun to use. Klefki is also available on route 9 if that interests you.

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Honedge is interesting. Because it resist both normal and fairy type.

thanks for all the information. I’ll use aiegislash as my last pokemon.

Don’t forget fighting types, making the steel typing not hindering when going against a fighting type, at least! Also, I’m pretty sure it can, but Aerial Ace would be good for both damage and never missing.

I think he means in the future, @EijazGaming.

Oh yeah, i forgot. Thx for reminding me!

No problem! The only issue I can think of would be her choice of a mega pokemon, as it has the ability and move used in sync, if you catch my drift without spoilers with the rock type against Steel.

If you do use Aeigislash, give it an Air Balloon. I don’t remember if when it bursts, it removes the item entirely, or if it’s like knock off, and you can’t use it in battle. When I get home, I can test it out.

It will permanently gone, except you battling online trainers.

Crud, that’s a bit stupid tbh.