Question - Unobtainable? (may contain spoilers)

Alright, so i came back for the famous 1.2 insurgence update and i’ve just started and got done with 7th gym. I took a peeks at the spoiler discord and spoiled myself and i saw that one encounter that i saw in chat had heatran/volcanion and you have to choose which one you have to catch. I also heard that if you die at one of the battles(dont know which) its fine and may redirect the story or something(not sure about this one). This question is more directed to people who have completed 1.2 ish. My question is, are there pokemon that aren’t obtainable after a series of things you do? If there are, what pokemon can be obtained only by doing a series of things? I do not mind spoilers of new pokemon added as i already checked the discord and saw the discovered ones. Thanks in advance

You can catch the heatran/volcanion that you didn’t catch in the double battle later on. I don’t exactly know where though. I guess volcanion would show up in the cave of steam, although that’s the one I caught in the double battle so I’m not sure. I’m still looking for heatran.

I think one of the devs said that you could complete the pokedex without trading, so there shouldn’t be any pokemon you won’t be able to catch.

And I haven’t lost a battle yet, but if you lose shouldn’t you just reappear in the nearest pokemon centre and be able to continue from where you left off? Not sure about that one but it’s always been that way in pokemon games.

Did you find Heatran? Im also looking for one of them

When killed:

Heatran goes to the Fiery Caverns

Volcaneon goes to the cave of steam

I believe you can catch both if you killed both. Correct me if I’m wrong