Question of silver Lucario Note

I round a silver Lucario from the alternative skin of SMBB and idk but Is possible get the silver lucario (note) I’m new un tye forum and sorry my english

If you extract Lucario’s image and modify it, you can have your Silver Lucario as a custom sprite.

Silver Lucario normally is a shiny Pokken Lucario, more about the Pokken mechanics in Insurgence can be found here. They’re obtained by defeating the Elite 4 and Champion without a single mon fainting, then talking to Rocket’s NPC in the Pokemon League Lobby. If you’d like to soft reset for a shiny one, you can save before talking to him and then soft reset until you get a shiny one as desired.

If you don’t want to go through those hoops, as Peter said, you can always replace the sprites. Shiny Pokken Lucario is 448s_2.png, so you could rename the file 448.png if you wanted to replace regular Lucario, 448s.png if you wanted to replace shiny regular Lucario, or 448_2.png if you wanted to replace nonshiny Pokken Lucario. Just make sure that whichever file you rename, you rename the other to 448s_2.png so there aren’t any missing files in the game. :))

Thanks very much for the info :slight_smile: